An Academy to continuously improve yourself

Providing and maintaining top class talents to our clients requires us to invest in our people. We do that in different ways

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Well-honed Soft Skills and Hard Skills: a prerequisite for being successful

Sapienza runs an in-house training academy accessible to all our employees

Assertiveness in the Workplace
In every situation, there is a choice to behave assertively, aggressively or non-assertively. What behaviour is chosen depends on many factors but assertive behaviour is often the right choice. In this course, participants are made aware of their preferences and their capability to consciously behave differently in diverse situations is increased

Effective collaboration in Projects
This course explains the basics of project management and creates awareness of group dynamics and team processes, allowing participants to contribute more effectively when working together with other members of the project team

Delivering better presentations
On this course, employees are trained to use tools and techniques to construct better presentations and to improve their presentation skills when delivering presentations

Business writing
This course helps create awareness of the dynamics surrounding written communications, improving the quality, structure and persuasiveness of texts

In this comprehensive class, you will learn how to design and populate spreadsheets. Make your data speak louder through graphs and master the power of Macros

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Project Management Training: PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a best practice -based, process-driven approach to manage projects. It provides an adaptable and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. We deliver PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner level trainings

The training program is composed of:

  • Classroom sessions, giving students the opportunity to ask questions
  • Reflection and discussion about challenges and experiences
  • Case studies with exercises to help understanding the principles of PRINCE2® and their application in practical situations
  • Exam preparation and exam leading to certification
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IT & Service Management Training: ITIL®

ITIL is a well-known framework and a set of good practices to keep IT and the needs of the business aligned in an ever-changing world. Our ITIL® training portfolio encompasses Foundation, Intermediate and Expert levels

The training program is composed of:

  • Highly interactive classroom sessions, which include discussions about process improvements, benefits and challenges
  • Case studies with exercises to help understanding the ITIL principles and their application in practical situations
  • Exam preparation, exam and certification

Individual Training

In an environment where technology doesn’t stand still, to remain competitive we need to ensure our employees are kept up with these changes at all times. Individual training provided by external training institutes can be requested on demand by each employee.