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tpgroup Management Conference 2021

The senior managers of tpgroup (parent company of Sapienza Consulting) came together for a highly successful three-day conference to focus on our current and future business potential.

tpgroup Management Conference: 7-9 September 2021

The first management conference, from our parent company tpgroup provided a critical focus for the business as well as exploring greater collaboration, internal trading and opportunities to share best practice and processes. Significantly it also delivered the opportunity for many to meet for the first time due to COVID-19, including our colleagues from Osprey, a new acquisition in 2020,  and our European colleagues from Sapienza.

The three-day format involved presentations and mixed-business and discipline working groups.

“When we act together, the business potential is huge. The conference was certainly testament to this. It demonstrated both the talent of people we have here and the significant opportunity for growth when we are focussed on those areas where we excel. I am very optimistic about our future because we have great people and operate in good markets where important clients value our services highly.”

David Lindsay, tpgroup’s Chief Executive Officer