Talent Acquisition: Benefits of an RPO

We have seen over the last 12 months companies adopting different recruitment strategies to cope with a global pandemic. To stay ahead of the game talent acquisition needs to evolve from the technology platforms you use through to the way you attract your future superstars of the business. In this article I discuss some of the challenges of growing a business and the true value of partnering with an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) provider such as Sapienza Consulting.

As I’m writing this article countless countries around the world are still in lockdown meaning you can only venture out of your home for essential activity. In many countries our children are yet to return to schools so for those parents out there remote working from home whilst at the same time trying to keep your children entertained and educated can be challenging. This can cause stress, anxiety, uncertainty, fatigue, and many other mental health issues. It is critical that companies support the mental well-being of their workforce during these tough times and beyond.

If you are a start-up or in early growth mode, then trying to grow whilst also working hard to meet the demands of the business can be extremely difficult right now for numerous reasons. Loyalty and uncertainty are the two reasons that stand out from most on why people do not want to change jobs during a pandemic. This heightens competition in being able to attract the same superstars your competitors are trying to hire.

Growing a company

When you need to ramp up please remember to ask these questions.

1.     Do you have a big enough talent acquisition team to cope with the volume of recruitment in the time required?

2.     Do you have the technology in place to track key metrics?

3.     Does your team have a big enough network in the countries you are looking to hire?

4.     What is the current market like and is it challenging to recruit the right people?

5.     How is your company perceived in the market and are you able to attract the very best?

6.     Are you constantly struggling to hire the same positions time and again?

7.     Does your company offer competitive packages?

8.     Is your company doing as much as they can to have a diverse workforce?

9.     Do your employees have enough support working remotely?

10.  In the previous year which areas did your talent acquisition team struggle and what have you done to fix those struggles?

Then also ask yourself…

1.     If an RPO partner could reduce your time to hire by up to 50% what impact would this have on your business?

2.     Partnering with an RPO provider will increase the quantity and quality of applicants. Would that be beneficial to your business?

3.     Sapienza’s RPO program could save your organisation up to 40% compared with traditional recruitment methods which could save your company hundreds of thousands a year, money you could reinvest into the business. Would this be beneficial?

4.     As a HR leader, would your job be made easier if you could fully rely on an RPO provider to handle all or some of your recruitment so you could focus on other areas of human capital?

5.     If an RPO provider could enhance your brand and candidate experience, what impact would this have on your business and being able to attract future talent?

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So what is an RPO?

RPO is a tool used by organisations that make a strategic decision to outsource all or some of their recruitment function. When you engage with Sapienza’s RPO team our recruiters then become part of your team, working closely with your hiring managers.

We take care of posting your jobs, direct sourcing, interviewing, shortlisting, through to attending career fairs and conferences on behalf of your organisation. At our own cost we even run advertising campaigns for specific recruitment drives required within your business. Ultimately our expert recruiters become representatives for your company, promoting your brand as employer of choice. We can even operate under your corporate email so to the outside world we look as if we are part of your organisation.

How will an RPO benefit your business?

The main purpose of working with an RPO provider is to make sure when the market is difficult to hire, you still receive the very best talent out there above and beyond your competition.

To be prepared to take on large volume recruitment employers will need to decide whether they choose to build out their internal recruitment team which can take time, especially when seeking niche recruiters or whether they choose to work with an RPO provider or perhaps they combine the two. As we live in uncertain times HR leaders are looking to reduce risks, so partnering with an RPO provider is proving to be a common option.

Within Sapienza’s RPO programs key metrics are always put in place to safeguard our promise on delivery. These are mutually agreed which takes the pressure of the business and puts the pressure on Sapienza to deliver. We have been delivering on large framework agreements for decades, this is what we do, so whether you are a large corporate or a start-up, we have a long successful track record delivering into similar organisations.

As an example we have framework contracts with large governmental agencies such as the European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT, NATO and EUROCONTROL as well as multi-year contracts with major commercial players in the space and defence industry.

Sapienza – 25 year heritage recruiting into the Space, Defence & Security sector.

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As an RPO provider Sapienza’s recruitment team can immediately fill in the gaps and help teams scale very quickly. Our recruiters have been building pipelines and hotlists of candidates for many years which enables us to turn around CV’s in the quickest amount of time.

Having recruited into over 35 countries around the world our expertise and market insights are a real true value add. Our expert recruiters can supplement internal talent acquisition teams which will allow you to scale up or down as and when your business requires. You may want additional help for a 6-month period when you really need to scale quickly or it maybe a longer term for 12-24 months when our team works closely with you in defining the mid to long-term recruitment strategy and how to attract the very best talent from postgraduates through to senior executive level.

Within Sapienza we are not just a team of recruiters; we also have our own team of space engineers and software developers. We have our own industry specific Artificial Intelligence job board with AI matching technology. This will increase the volume of hires and applicants to your business. For more information on our AI job platform, you can visit

We also provide space software called ECLIPSE (used by the likes of ESA, OHB, Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defence & Space, QinetiQ plus many other NewSpace ventures with over 20,000 users…)

So as a company we are fully integrated into the heart of the Space sector and truly understand the complexities of our customers recruitment needs. Whether it is for a short-term hiring need or a full blown end-to-end RPO, our RPO solutions offer seamless integration. Before commencing work on any RPO programme our recruitment team would be trained on your business processes and would be integrated with your internal recruitment team. We become you which makes for a much smoother transition.

Our RPO team are purely dedicated to the Space, Defence & Connectivity sectors so often we are working with your competitors who have the same hiring needs as your organisation. This means we are constantly in talks with talented individuals who would be great assets for your business. Time to fill, time to hire can be dramatically reduced by partnering with a specialist RPO provider.

Speak with us now.

If you know later this year you will have a hiring need when you need to ramp up then please reach out to us now, so when the time comes you can just flick a switch and our team are activated. We are experts in building pipelines of passive candidates ahead of time. By sharing your headcount for the year, we can pre-select suitable candidates ahead of time for when your business needs to hire them.

We have many glowing testimonials from our customers all over the world that we have worked with for many years. For a free consultation on how Sapienza’s RPO programs can help your business grow then please get in touch with me and I would be delighted to talk you through our RPO programs and how we can tailor one for your business.

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