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At Sapienza Consulting, we offer a variety of space jobs. With over 25 years of experience in the space sector, we pride ourselves in being true experts within the space industry.

We believe that everyone should have a job they love, and we are here to support you in finding a job in space that you truly enjoy. Whether you are an aerospace engineer, a telecommunications engineer, or an electronics engineer or have experience within business administration or project management that you would like to apply within the space industry, we can help you get the most out of your career.

Discover your new job within the space industry with Sapienza Consulting, and launch your space career today.

What type of space jobs do we offer?

At Sapienza Consulting we offer a variety of space jobs with intergovernmental and national space agencies, Tier-1 system integrators, system suppliers, scientific institutes, and start-ups. We are one of the few organisations in the global space sector with a track record of contracts that cover the whole space industry supply chain.  The job profiles Sapienza Consulting offers within the space sector include space engineering job profiles and less engineering specific job profiles.

Space engineering job profiles such as:

  • Microwave engineer jobs
  • Electronic engineering jobs
  • Telecommunication engineering jobs
  • Mechanical engineering jobs
  • Project control jobs
  • Software engineering jobs
  • Configuration management jobs
  • Project support jobs
  • EOP engineering support jobs
  • Product assurance & safety engineering jobs
  • Aerospace engineering jobs

Less engineering specific job profiles include:

  • Financial administration jobs 
  • IT jobs 
  • Communication jobs 
  • Office support jobs 
  • Cybersecurity jobs 
  • Data science jobs 

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Space jobs

What is it like working in the space sector?

Having a space job is great! Working within the space industry means that you are working within an innovative, challenging, and intelligent environment.  

Having a space job as an engineer, you are likely to get involved in a variety of space projects. Depending on your field of expertise, your tasks can range from telecommunications and satellite network design to flight software development and from research and data analysis to thermal or mechanical testing of space equipment. 

Having a space job n a non-engineering relating position can be quite different, but equally exciting. Roles in administration, finance, IT, data science, or cybersecurity can be critical and success-defining for space programmes. Within those roles, you will be providing administrative or technical support, conduct research, or manage any financial aspects of programmes in order to ensure project continuity and mission success. 

Why choose to work at Sapienza Consulting?

Due to our 25 years of experience within the space industry, we have obtained a good understanding of what people operating in the space industry need. Having a longstanding presence in the space field, both as a workforce and a software solution provider, not only we built strong connections with our clients and partners, but we also have a helicopter view of the global market and the latest advancements in the field. 

By becoming part of our team you will be able to:

  • Become part of a strong network of intelligent experts who love everything about space 
  • Work on cutting-edge space projects that drive humanity forward 
  • Develop your skills by getting continuous training and access to our Training Academy  
  • Stay up-to-date on exciting, challenging, and diverse job opportunities across Europe 
  • Get a respectful work-life balance 
  • Work in a truly international and diverse environment with colleagues from over 30 countries 
  • Build a career with possibilities for horizontal mobility across projects and countries 
  • Get relocation support for you and your family 
  • Find competitive remuneration and generous annual leave allowance

…and more. 

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What are the general requirements for working in the space industry? 

The requirements needed in order to work within the space sector generally depend on the specific field, the seniority level of each position, as well as the location of the organisation. 

The following requirements usually apply: 

  • Fluency in English. Knowledge of another language is an advantage 
  • Master’s degree in a relevant field
  • 4 years of relevant professional experience in a relevant field
  • Eligibility to work in the respective country where the position is based

Discover your next space job at Sapienza Consulting 

We believe you deserve a job you love, and we want to help you build it every step of the way. Applying to one of our positions is easy, and our recruiters are here to answer all of your questions and support you throughout your application process. 

Are you ready to make your next career move? Do you want to work and thrive within an international environment, being part of the most innovative space projects?  

Discover our latest space jobs on our dedicated job platform, and launch your space career today! 

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