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You deserve a career you love. At Sapienza we give you the opportunity to work for cutting-edge technology enterprises and public organisations in the space and defence sectors: from data scientists and space engineers to cybersecurity and military operations experts in various locations across Europe. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced professional we got you covered no matter what. Have a look at the positions we have available here

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Why our employees choose to work at Sapienza?

  • Exciting, challenging and diverse job opportunities across Europe
  • Working on cutting-edge space or defence projects
  • A respectful work-life balance
  • A truly International environment with colleagues from over 30 countries
  • A career with possibilities for horizontal mobility across projects and countries, and progression that can take you all the way up to management
  • Relocation support for employees and their families
  • Competitive remuneration and generous annual leave allowance
  • Continuous training and access to our Academy for your self-development

At Sapienza, we are proud of the diversity of our employees. We value and generously reward loyalty, hard work and talent, specifically in that order. We acknowledge the experience and expertise that each individual brings to our business and to our clients. We are committed to providing our staff with the job, the environment, the training and the support to grow and reach their full potential. In return, we expect loyalty, integrity and performance

Discover Open Jobs
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A Training Academy to continuously improve yourself

At Sapienza we never stop learning. Developing our people is as important to us as delivering quality products and services to our customers. We believe talent needs to be nurtured and rekindled. Sapienza provides its employees a wealth of training opportunities from professional certificates to individual courses to shape their career, strengthen their existing knowledge or simply fill a skill gap to help them perform even better in their current job

Our training approach