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About Sapienza Consulting

We are a leading European provider of Workforce, Engineering Services and IT Solutions to Space and Defence since 1994. We support demanding private and governmental clients in the high-tech, high-reliability, and security-concerned sector of Space and Defence. Among our clients are NATO and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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What is NATO & EU Security Clearance

In general, Security Clearance is required by government organisations dealing with sensitive information. If you want to work in a diverse and dynamic environment such as the European Space Agency and the European Commission the EU Security Clearance is required. If you want to work in a defence and security orientated environment such as NATO, NCIA or NSPA the NATO Secret Security Clearance is required.

Why Become Security Cleared?

Becoming Security Cleared is an essential part to be able to get trusted access to sensitive information. Essentially, it means that a complete background check has been done and that a person can be trusted by a governmental organisation.

Moreover, Security Clearance is required by Government organisations to ensure that people working with ‘sensitive assets’ do not pose any risk. Sapienza, a key workforce solution provider for such institutions, and therefore welcomes anyone that wants to be security cleared in our network.

Having a security cleared empowered CV will increase your chances when the right job comes by. Since becoming security cleared might take some time depending on your nationality. We strongly advise getting security cleared as soon as possible.

  • With us, you have a unique advantage of getting security cleared before applying
  • Getting security cleared can take months, it is therefore smart to do it before applying
  • Our dedicated team will support you throughout the whole process
  • As a recruiting company, we will help you land a job after getting a clearance
  • Whenever a suitable job is found by our recruiters, we will contact you directly
  • By empowering your CV with a security clearance, you will have more job opportunities


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