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Sapienza visits the STRATOS rocketry team in TU Delft


On Wednesday, 19 December our ECLIPSE Implementation Consultants, Dennis Roshal and Ross Irvine met with the TU Delft STRATOS rocket team in the scope of our ECLIPSE for Academia Initiative.

Project STRATOS is the flagship project of the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) club. The first STRATOS rocket was launched in 2009, followed by STRATOS II in October 2015. Now the team is working on STRATOS III in full swing. It will aim to beat the current European altitude record for student rocketry held by the team from the University of Stuttgart.

The STRATOS team will run a pilot and try out the DCCM, AIM and DAB modules of the ECLIPSE Software Suite to enhance their project, product and configuration management processes. We wish STRATOS III best of luck on its course to launch in July 2018.

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