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Sapienza Sponsors ESRIN Teams at ESA Football Tournament 2017


Sapienza was happy to sponsor the ESRIN football teams at the ESA Football tournament again this year that took place from 3-4 June 2017. It is the 37th annual tournament, they have been organising it since 1981. The event took place in Pineda de Mar (close to Barcelona) and was organised by ESAC Football Club. There were around 200 people attending, including players and supporters.

All the ESA sites plus MDSCC (Madrid Deep Space Communication Complex – NASA) took part in the competition. The teams played 11 aside for men and 5 aside for women. The ESRIN male team played very well and won all four matches, which meant they won the entire male competition. Despite ESRIN’s win meaning they have won 10 tournaments in 19 years, ESTEC still lead with 12 trophies won in total. ESRIN’s female team came third and they improved greatly from their performance last year. However, it was ESAC who won the ladies tournament.

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