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Sapienza Opens New Office in Skopje, Macedonia

05/12/2018 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

Today, Sapienza Balkans DOOEL Skopje, a member of the Sapienza Consulting Holding BV Group signed the contract for our latest office expansion in Skopje, Macedonia. The new office is in the heart of the capital, just a few hundred meters walk from the main city square, in vicinity of the embassy area in Skopje and less than two kilometres from the State University. This new venture is intended to serve initially as a hub for recruitment in the Balkans. Furthermore, it will help us establishing links with the local technical University to feed our ever-growing needs for talent in IT disciplines for the Space, Defence and Security sector. The official opening date of the office will be announced in January.

Andrea Bennetti, Group Commercial Director of Sapienza Consulting said:

We are very excited to open this new office in Skopje, which will be a new chapter of Sapienza’s life. The office in the Balkan region will strengthen our Sapienza Consulting Group presence across Europe. With this new location we will open our services and expertise towards Eastern Europe, create new job opportunities for the talent in this region that we can use to fuel the constant growth of Sapienza and our clients.”

The new address is:
Sapienza Balkans DOOEL Skopje
Partizanski Odredi
No. 15A, entrance 02, floor 05, apt No. 11
Macedonia (FYROM)