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Sapienza Launches ‘Amy the Chatbot’: Your Personal Jobs Assistant

At Sapienza Consulting, we enjoy working with cutting-edge technology, and more important cutting-edge technology that is useful! As a result of understanding our candidate’s needs and great work from our developers, we introduce the new member of Sapienza’s recruitment team: ‘Amy the Chatbot’!

Improving the recruitment process

The introduction of Amy will further improve the jobs application process, as it is designed to help save valuable time from both candidate and our recruiters. With the help of simple questions, the candidate can determine whether they are eligible to work with us. Moreover, Amy can do this any time, any place and any where.

With this, Sapienza will not only further automate the beginning of the recruitment process, but also make more time for our recruiters to give advice.

With Amy, your next career step is closer than you think. Speak to her; and she will guide you through your open application. When we have received your application, a recruiter will process it, and whenever a potential job position that suits you comes by, contact you directly.

If you are interested in working in the Space, Defence or Security sector, or if you are looking for unique opportunities in these sectors. Send us an open application by starting a conversation with Amy on the Work With Us page.

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