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Sapienza Employee Enrico Parisio receives Silver Snoopy Award

While working on space projects and missions is already a satisfactory and rewarding job, receiving an award from a prestigious organisation like NASA can be one of the highlights of someone’s career. We want to congratulate Sapienza employee Enrico Parisio with his excellent job of receiving a Silver Snoopy Award for his support to the Orion’s European Service Module.

In the words of NASA:

In his product assurance role, he has been key to perform the mandatory inspections for the European Service Module (ESM) hardware which is geographically distributed across Europe spending weeks on the road away from family to ensure that schedules are not impacted.

Your recommendation to perform an incremental hardware integration and status review (IHISR) allowed the European Space Agency, NASA, and Lockheed Martin visibility into the ESM build process and demonstrated critical leadership, guidance, and lessons learned to enable a successful completion of IHISR objectives.

Enrico negotiated the change with Airbus to establish the objectives and content for the review. Even though not part of his responsibilities, he trained the team on how to accomplish this review in the most efficient manner possible. This incremental review allowed ESA and NASA visibility into the ESM build process ahead of review milestones to overcome challenges for the new ESM vehicle before they happened.


Astronaut Randolph Bresnik delivering the Silver Snoopy to Enrico Parisio

Well done and well deserved Enrico, we know you will continue to shine on similar projects. You serve as a leading example of the great work you and your colleagues are delivering!