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Sapienza Consulting wins contract with OHB Sweden AB

24 / 05 / 2012

Noordwijk, May 24 2012 – Sapienza Consulting today announced it has been awarded a contract to supply the ECLIPSE suite to OHB Sweden AB for their space programmes.

After a short evaluation period, OHB Sweden AB adopted the NCTS, DCCM, RID and AIM software modules in support to their project activities for the ESA (European Space Agency) SmallGEO mission as well as for various other internal projects. OHB Sweden AB is currently also involved in the ESA Solar Orbiter project, with delivery of AOCS subsystem and Chemical Propulsion subsystem, where the ECLIPSE suite plays an important role. The eclipse software suite will further empower OHB Sweden AB project teams with the same tools that OHB System AG, Kasyser-Threde and the European Space Agency (ESA) already use.

Andrea Bennetti, Commercial Director of Space Products and Manpower at Sapienza Consulting, said:

The growing operational maturity of the eclipse suite is broadening its adoption within the European space sector. The contract with OHB Sweden AB marks another key step in our ambitious journey to turn eclipse into the de-facto European standard software for supporting key aspects of PM/CM/QA and PA activities in space projects and missions

The SmallGEO system is a small geostationary telecommunications satellite being developed under ESA’s ARTES 11 programme. SmallGEO is a satellite that, in partnership with Hispasat will fly the Luxor Platform developed by OHB and its partners. This satellite will incorporate advanced payload technologies – a DVB S2 processor and active antennas.

The Solar Orbiter (SolO) is a Sun-observing satellite being developed under the Cosmic Vision Science Programme of ESA. The Solar Orbiter will explore the Sun and the Heliosphere to investigate a number of fundamental problems remaining in solar science. Its mission will include both near-Sun and high-latitude approaches to our star. It will be the first satellite to provide close-up views of the Sun’s polar regions.

ECLIPSE (ECSS Compliant tooLset for Information and Projects Support of Enterprises in space) is the only web-based, software platform designed for both commercial Prime-Contractors, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Governmental Space institutions alike. ECLIPSE software suite empowers its users with a unique toolset supporting the management of PA/QA/PM/CM activities in space projects and missions according to the requirements of ECSS Standards.

The Non Conformance Tracking Systems (NCTS) module is the tool of choice for the management of project “non-conformances” for all flagship projects within the European Space Agency (ESA). This web-based application supports the recording, reporting and reviewing of NCs raised against any space product.

The Document Configuration and Change Management Module (DCCM) is the only system designed for companies operating in the space sector with the goal to enable its users a straightforward path to compliance to the relevant ECSS standards.

Review Item of Discrepancy (RID) module enables end-to-end management of design reviews through the lifecycle of a space project. ESA, as well as many prime contractors and SME’s in the space industry utilise the application to manage various projects.

The Action Items Manager (AIM) module is designed to provide a fully traceable, security controlled system for the management of actions in space projects. The AIM module is designed to interface with other ECLIPSE modules in that it provides a centralised environment were action from all the individual modules can be accessed for any project.


Sapienza Consulting is a leading provider of software solutions, services and manpower to the institutional and commercial space industry. Sapienza has been a supplier to the European Space Agency for over 18 years. A team of software architects and developers, space engineering and consultancy experts deliver solutions from our offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and France.

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