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Sapienza Consulting Wins a Competitive Frame Contract with ESA

Darmstadt, 2 May 2016 – Sapienza Consulting GmbH, a company of the Sapienza Consulting (Holding BV) Group has signed a competitive frame contract for Deliverables and Industrial Support at ESOC to provide loan employment support in the domain of “Data Systems (DS)”.

The three years frame contract awarded, with an optional extension of a further two, will enable Sapienza Consulting GmbH to provide Data Systems Engineering support to ESA in Darmstadt, Germany.

Sapienza is very keen to start this frame contract on the DS Engineering Domain, which is a great addition to our existing Administrative & Management Support frame contract at ESOC.

A year prior to the Administrative & Management Support frame contract start date at ESOC in 2014, Sapienza Consulting Group opened its latest branch of Sapienza Consulting GmbH in Darmstadt, Germany. The new office is in close proximity to the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC). The branch is perfectly located to serve smoothly the new frame contract with ESOC.

Quote from Andrea Bennetti, Group Commercial Director:

This is a very prestigious contract for our German business and presence. It is a fantastic result that motivates us not only to continue but to accelerate our investment strategy for Sapienza Consulting GmbH.
In 2013 we moved the company office to Darmstadt, in close proximity to our key clients ESA and EUMETSAT. Being selected for this frame reaffirms the quality and competence of our space engineering services and the maturity of our German business, which is thrilled to support the European Space Operation Centre with our Data Systems Engineers for the next five years.

About Sapienza Consulting (Holding BV) Group

The Sapienza Consulting Group is a leading provider of Space & Defence mission and project support through people, software and services. Since 1994 Sapienza has been a supplier to the European Space Agency as well as the other key players of the European institutional and commercial space sector. The Group now consists of strategically located offices in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, The United Kingdom, Belgium and France.

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Since 1967, the European Space Operations Centre, located in Darmstadt, Germany, ensures the smooth working of ESA spacecraft in orbit. Its control rooms, linked to ground stations all over the world, track and control satellites, and carry out payload operations and routine systems monitoring.

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