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Sapienza Consulting Signs 5-Year Master Service Agreement with OHB System

20/03/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

Sapienza Consulting Ltd, a company of the Group owned by Sapienza Consulting Holding BV, has signed a Master Service Agreement to supply the OHB System Group with the ECLIPSE software suite and related support services for a further 5 years. This contract renewal marks the 10-year anniversary of the first contract between the two companies and, simultaneously, that of the ECLIPSE software suite.

Andrea Bennetti, Sapienza Group Commercial Director:

This 5-year extension of our contract with OHB is fantastic news for us. OHB was our first commercial client for the ECLIPSE software suite 10 years ago, and through this time we have seen them grow to become the powerhouse that they are today. We feel privileged to have supported many of their programmes and to continue supporting them today and for the next five years with our stable, trustworthy and adaptable ECLIPSE, addressing the needs of a growing OHB System Group

Michael-Peter Gerhard, Head of Quality Management at OHB System Said:

We have used Sapienza’s ECLIPSE software suite for 10 years, and the level of maturity of the tool, its integrated nature and the efficiencies it offers to our projects confirms our view that it is the correct tool-of-choice for Space project management activities. In support of the tool, Sapienza’s knowledge and heritage in the space sector shines through, particularly when providing consultancy and support to our project teams. We are, therefore, confident that it continues to be the right choice for the future.

 The ECLIPSE software suite helps space project and mission teams achieve higher efficiency. If better coordination, control and compliance with applicable quality standards are your goals, ECLIPSE is the tool for you. ECLIPSE is the only collaborative suite of integrated applications designed with the invaluable experience of space and defence industry professionals. The ECLIPSE suite is instrumental to the successful operations of numerous (Inter)national Space Agencies, Large Platform System Integrators and SMEs across Europe.

The ECLIPSE Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) module allows members of a project to create a document, its reference, its applicability and status according to pre-defined user access rights and security rules.

The ECLIPSE Review Items of Discrepancy (eRID) module supports space project and mission teams through the preparation, set-up, management and control of formal project and mission reviews. The eRID module provides the means for space project review participants to access deliverable data packs, contractual or technical baselines, as well as requirements documentation online. The eRID module supports the complete approval and review process, and the assignment and management of related actions and the eventual closure of discrepancies (RIDs).

Action Items tracking is important not only for dealing with technical issues and monitoring the progress of their resolution and closure but also for commercial and financial reasons. A complete project Action Item List is often a deliverable at key project milestone reviews. The ECLIPSE Action Items Manager (AIM) functions as a dashboard because it monitors and reports on all the workflow actions created by other ECLIPSE software suite modules. AIM provides its users with a centralised access point to all existing actions within a specific project environment.

The ECLIPSE Non-Conformance Tracking System (eNCTS) module is the only commercially available ECSS compliant software that enables recording, monitoring and closure of Non-Conformances (NCs) found during the design, manufacture, assembly, integration and testing phases of space system engineering projects.

Replace your uncontrolled and risk prone Excel spreadsheets with a secure, robust and configurable software product. The Database Application Builder (DAB) allows you to build your own online collaborative database. Manage your processes and data with your colleagues using existing functionalities already available across ECLIPSE in your custom Applications and link them across all modules.

With the vast array of modules and processes now being managed within the ECLIPSE software suite and with the given amount of data that is managed on key engineering projects, the ECLIPSE Dashboard Manager (DASH) module is provided to allow users to generate dashboard reports which can be uniquely customised to not only to the module but also to the project itself.

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Our Workforce Solutions Services offer unique value to (inter)national organisations, as well as space, defence and security concerned companies. We have a rich and diversified Workforce Solutions Service portfolio that flexibly meets our clients’ needs for temporary and long-term support consultants (with or without Security Clearance) and services offered on Work Package and Project basis.

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