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Sapienza Consulting is the No. 1 company based on measured performance and is awarded as “Best in Domain“in eight ESA Frame Contract (EFC2) domains

27/09/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

We are delighted to announce that we have just received the “Best in Domain” award from the European Space Agency (ESA) in eight domains! The awards have been handed out by ESA for the second time to prime contractors providing the best quality of support under the ESA Directorates Competitive Frame Contract 2 (EFC2). The eight domain wins this year make us the most successful prime contractor for 2018!

This year, our award was granted for the excellent work done in the following domains:

  • Business Management Controlling & Administration (BMC – MAS)
  • Environmental Testing & Mechanical AIV Engineering (ETM – MAS)
  • Facility Management (FAM – MAS)
  • IT Support (ITS – MAS)
  • Software & Control Systems (SWC – MAS)
  • Engineering Support to Human Space Flight & Exploration (H-ENG – MAS)
  • Engineering Support to Galileo Programme and Navigation-Related Activities (NAV – Services)
  • Engineering Support to Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (T-ENG – Services)

We are very proud for the results achieved this year and are going to continue striving in anticipation of exceeding our current performance in the future. We recognise the fact that we owe this award to the efforts of our teams both on- and off-site ESA. Keep up the great work!