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Sapienza Consulting Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022

08/03/2020 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

8 of March celebrates the International Women’s Day worldwide. The objective of the day is to endorse women’s achievement, recognise challenges, and give more attention on gender equality.

For many years now, Sapienza Consulting has been an equal opportunity employer. More specially, we pride ourselves not only in cultivating and maintaining a diverse environment through the years, but also in making our priority to give equal opportunities to both genders; especially within the male-dominated Space & Defence industries.

This year in celebration of International Women’s Day we brought some facts relating to our company’s equality culture:

51% of our employees are female, of which 43% are in the age group of 31-40 year, and 26% have a background in STEM.

We are extremely honored in featuring the two interviews below of Nicoletta Galimberti and Emma Pallotta who have provided a brief glimpse on how they have experienced being part of the Sapienza Consulting family.

Nicoletta Galimberti, Software Product Assurance Engineer (TEC-QQS) Directorate of Technical and Quality Management, in the Netherlands


Describe your role and background briefly.

I am a Software Product Assurance Engineer at ESA-ESTEC and I like to think to my role as the Safety net of Software developers despite now my role in ESA is more on the controller side than the safety one.

What I really like and enjoy is the possibility to help the industry to understand why the standards are asking for such a lot, and that if you understand what’s all that about you can easily make it a day-by-day activity making it less impacting than expected, and useful to the software team and the company itself.

My job is unique because:

I work in an international team with colleagues from Hungary, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and myself from Italy. This make this team, my team, an European team. This is a great opportunity to share not only different working experiences, but different approaches, mindsets, cultures.

What do you like about working at Sapienza Consulting?

Sapienza gave me the opportunity to work at ESA. This is the work I dreamed of in the space industry since the beginning of my career.

Moreover, the company supports me to improve and increase my knowledge and competences by allowing me to participate at ESTEC initiatives and various trainings.

Emma Pallotta, Configuration Management Officer – SCI/SAT, Science Directorate, in the Netherlands


Describe your role and background briefly.

I work for the ESA Science Directorate, based in ESTEC, to develop and support document and configuration management processes that aim at granting governance and facilitate business activity.

My job aims at defining the processes and implementing best practises to assure the appropriate document management and long-term retrievability and accountability of records, making sure to develop an internal awareness towards records management. Within the directorate I work closely with all internal business domains and key stakeholders which offers me the opportunity to connect with different people, from different cultural and professional backgrounds all with a wide range of functions, which makes my daily job always different and interesting. It is also fascinating to see how people have differing perspectives and what requirements determine a certain way of producing and using documents – I have noticed that over time, this exchange with them has developed an engagement towards a more efficient process, which offers new inputs for further development.

Moreover, I also connect with similar roles in other directorates as I believe that sharing experiences and doubts is never wrong and always leads to improvements.

My job is unique because:

As I work with document flows, it is very easy to make it bureaucratic but I like to think that it can be different, and taking care of what is produced is an important legacy for the Agency.

Working within the MTG and the Euclid projects as documentalist made me participate to the good governance of their documentation.

Now, I also work with repositories of closed missions, guiding their transition to the archival repository. I am currently taking care of the Rosetta project documentation. Rosetta was the first worldwide mission designed to land on a comet which was accomplished in 2014. Making sure these records are properly mapped and ingested for long-term preservation is relevant so that in future this legacy may not only account for the Agency but also serve other purposes and help new projects or researchers. This experience is also important to detect what can be changed in the current document management practices to improve the process.

What do you like about working at Sapienza Consulting?

Sapienza has offered me a great opportunity to develop my professional profile more and more. My first experience with the company was in France, in Cannes, for 5 month which I still recall as a fantastic time. I was then offered to move to the Netherlands, in ESTEC. Both experiences gave me a lot, in terms of rewarding relations with other Sapienza colleagues, learning experience, and support in building my working network.

Since 2018 I have been working as Configuration Management Officer which was something I wanted to achieve and that Sapienza helped me to reach, trusting in my abilities and offering me all the training I needed along the way.


We would like to sincerely thank Nicoletta and Emma. We are very thrilled to have these inspiring women at Sapienza Consulting. We will continue to promote a company culture that supports equality, diversity, and will always offer support to our employees to be able to express their multifaceted skills to the best of their potential.

Happy International Women’s Day! 🚀

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