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Sapienza Consulting Becomes Majority Shareholder of LIFT BV

28/06/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

Sapienza Consulting BV, a TP Group Company, announces today an agreement for the acquisition of an additional stake of LIFT BV. With this new investment, Sapienza Consulting now owns an approximate 69% of LIFT BV.

In May 2017, Sapienza Consulting already acquired a third of LIFT BV and Sapienza’s Managing Director, Andrea Bennetti, joined the LIFT Board to help identify growth opportunities and implement other potential market synergies to promote LIFT.

LIFT BV designs AI-based conversational technology to scale digital recruitment to hundreds and even thousands of candidates. Through customised and engaging dialogues, this technology allows to pre-select applicants, reducing repetitive tasks for recruiters and reducing the overall cost of the process.

Andrea Bennetti, Managing Director of Sapienza Consulting, said:

LIFT is a gamechanger in the recruitment sector, we are really satisfied with how it helps Sapienza attract talent for our clients and that is why have decided to go one step further. With our in-depth understanding of the space and defence sectors and LIFT’s innovative software solution, our ability to recruit and retain talent is greater every day.

One of LIFT’s main milestones since Sapienza first invested in it has been the launch of the Schiphol Career Chatbot, that helps jobseekers find new job opportunities and enables employers to connect with and recruit talent cheaper and faster.

About Sapienza Consulting

Sapienza Consulting, part of TP Group, is a leading European provider of Workforce Solutions Services and Technologies to demanding clients in high-tech, high-reliability, and critical sectors such as Space, Defence and Security since 1994.

Our Workforce Solutions Services offer unique value to (inter)national organisations, as well as space, defence and security concerned companies. We have a rich and diversified Workforce Solutions Service portfolio that flexibly meets our clients’ needs for temporary and long-term support consultants (with or without Security Clearance) and services offered on Work Package and Project basis.

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About TP Group

TP Group designs and develops advanced technologies, engineers’ complex equipment and systems for critical applications in Defence, Intelligence & Security, Space and Energy sectors. The Group delivers equipment and services to global customers and provides support throughout their operational life. The Company’s shares have been traded on AIM since July 2001.

About LIFT

Our conversational technology will help you scale your digital recruitment efforts at a fraction of the cost. With us you will see your talent pool grow rapidly with qualified candidates. Pre-screening is done by the carefully crafted engaging conversation. All you are left to do is to select the best talent for your needs in whatever sector you operate: Medical, Aerospace, Defence, Security, Government, Commercial and especially where high personnel turnover is your problem.

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