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Sapienza Consulting attends Space Tech Convention 2019

08/11/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

Sapienza Consulting attended the 1st edition of the Space Tech Convention, held in Skopje, North Macedonia, between the 21st and the 23rd October 2019.

The convention offered a unique opportunity to businesses, professionals, and students from North Macedonia and South-East Europe to speak and network with representatives from the biggest Space Agencies in the world as well as international companies from the aerospace sector.

Our team, consisting of our Recruitment Operation Manager Daphna Doodeman, Head of IT Service Delivery Biljana Dimitrovska, Recruiter Elena Chichevska Naumov, and Business Development/Recruitment Jordan Tasev, attended the 3-day event and connected not only with several key stakeholders, but also potential valuable candidates that could join Sapienza’s team in the future.

Daphna Doodeman was a speaker on panel 4 of the first day of the event, entitled “Successful Cooperations (Governments, Companies, Agencies, Universities”, where the topics of how business ventures and cooperations with large industry players can be fostered and new start-up ventures can be supported.

Daphna summed up the main takeaways from the panel as following:

While building a connection with Space Agencies and large corporations can sometimes be proven tricky for start-up companies, it is very encouraging that once the right channels are established, the ground for fruitful partnerships is usually very fertile. In addition, space entrepreneurship is actively being supported by the North Macedonian government, creating further open space for start-ups and new projects to thrive.

Our team also had the chance to meet representatives from the state Fund for Innovations and Technology development, which supports the development of start-ups and manufacturing companies in North Macedonia. We also attended two VIP lunches and were happy to connect with several key stakeholders, some of which showed great interest in our ECLIPSE Software Suite as a space mission and project management tool.

Lastly, from a manpower perspective, the convention was a great opportunity to connect with a number of professionals, including university professors with whom we discussed possibilities for internships for North Macedonian students.

All in all, our attendance at the Space Tech Convention was a great success. The event was very promising and surely has the potential to grow into a staple space convention for Eastern Europe in the future.

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