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Sapienza Consulting attends European Digital Marketing World Forum 2019 

18/12/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands 

On the 25th and 26th of November, our Marketing team consisting of our Marketing Assistant Andrea Magyar, our Digital Marketeer Desmond Gardeslen, and our Copywriter/Content Creator Maria-Eirini Psaltidi attended the 2019 European Digital Marketing World Forum (#DMWF) held at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre in Amsterdam. 

 The annual event has been being held for more than a decade and is part of a worldwide series of #DMWF events spanning across the globe and held in different locations, such as Singapore, London, and New York. Its focus lies on digital marketing and strategic content and explores the latest trends and advancements within the digital marketing world. Topics covered include Digital Marketing Technologies, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Influencer Marketing, UX, CX, eCommerce, Content Marketing, Data, Analytics, and Mobile.   

This year’s European event, was attended by more than 800 professionals, including more than 80 speakers from highly successful brands and organisations and more than 50 exhibitors. The presentations given were categorised in four different tracks, namely: ‘Content & Digital Brand Strategy’, ‘Digital Experience & eCommerce Strategy’, ‘Influencer & Social Media Marketing’, and ‘Data & Disruptive Tech’. One of the most interesting topics covered  

Our team’s attendance was quite relevant to Sapienza’s current strategies from two different perspectives: On the one hand, we are always looking into implementing innovative and impactful marketing strategies, while on the other hand, as we are gradually expanding our business streams towards and into the realm of Digital Services for our Space clients, staying up-to-date with the latest insights and trends within the marketing field is becoming even more important.  

In conclusion, we are glad to have attended this exciting forum and are looking forward to more marketing-related events in the near future. 

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