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Sapienza Consulting attends ‘Bridging the Gap’ Annual Conference 2019

17/10/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

On the 10th of October, our Senior Recruiter for Defence and Security Roberta Romanò attended the 7th Annual Conference organised by the Secretariat of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, which was held in the Hague.

This year the conference focused on the subject of ‘Bridging the Gap: Rhetoric and practice in security and the rule of law’, in the scope of investigating a number of gaps between security policy and civil society and the way they can be bridged.

The one-day event brought together representatives from national and international governments, policy organs, researchers, and thought leaders from around the globe, and examined the importance of security and stability. Forging peaceful, just, and inclusive societies that are free from fear and violence is an acknowledged vision amongst states, however developing effective interventions remains challenging, and this conference had the mission to focus on those specific challenges through creative problem solving.

One of the most interesting speeches of the conference was the one given by Rob Sijstermans, Cluster Coordinator for Human Security at Dutch MFA. Amongst other ideas, he pointed out the importance of knowledge sharing with the civil society in the scope of preventing security breaches. Mr Sijstermans is responsible for evidence-based policy established through cooperation with different knowledge partners.

Roberta had to say about the event:

This conference was an important one for Sapienza to attend, as it provided the opportunity for us to obtain some very useful knowledge on how to write a good proposal/tender within the Security sector by avoiding some common mistakes and pitfalls around security policy. It also gave us the chance to get connected with other companies and organisations, expanding our horizons for possible future collaboration prospects.

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