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Sapienza Conducts Soft Skills Workshop for Astronomy Students at Leiden University


At the request of Leiden University, Stefan van der Leede prepared and presented an interactive workshop about Soft Skills for Astronomy Master and third year Bachelor students.

The goal was to prepare the students for non-technical and non-scientific requirements of job environments. After defining what Soft Skills are, students reflected on their strongest soft skills. Next, they identified soft skills they perceived in their fellow team members.

The workshop was concluded with a discussion about what can be learned from comparing these different insights using the Johari windows model, which can be used to improve self-awareness. We can reflect on a successful event for an enthusiastic audience.

Sapienza was approached to provide this workshop as a reputable employer in the Space & Defence Sector and having special knowledge of the industry. If you have any training enquiries email us at or consult our training portfolio.

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