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Sapienza attends the PocketQube Workshop in Delft


On March 22nd our ECLIPSE Implementation Consultant Dennis Roshal attended the PocketQube Workshop at Delft.

The workshop hosted a lot of interesting presentations regarding PocketQubes. PocketQubes are very small satellites, comprising of one or more cubic units of approximately 5 cm. They are similar to the successful CubeSat form factor, but are one order of magnitude smaller and belonging to the class of picosatellites (100 g – 1000 g). They provide an excellent platform for demonstrating highly miniaturized space systems at low cost. In the future, vast networks of these tiny satellites may provide currently unforeseen applications.

The workshop provided a great platform for Sapienza to talk about the ECLIPSE Software Suite with some of the most interesting players in the field. Academia led projects that look to go beyond CubeSat level of miniaturisation into PocketQube domain. Regardless of the satellite size, all projects need a strong Project Management (PM) tool to achieve higher efficiency and adhere to best practices enabled by the ECLIPSE suite modules.

We are actively seeking more Universities and Academic Institutions taking part in CubeSat or similar projects to use the ECLIPSE Software. If you are involved in such a project and would like to learn more, contact us by email at

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