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October Webinar: Introduction to the Database Application Builder (Dab)


In the October Webinar we are going to explore the Database Application Builder (DAB) module of the ECLIPSE suite.

The DAB module allows users to build their own database applications, share its content with other authorised colleagues and business partners, manage workflows and control the release and update of information.

In DAB a user can easily link data to other applications’ records within the ECLIPSE suite, enabling a fully integrated management of a project lifecycle. The DAB module does so by allowing users to easily and quickly configure their own secure, web-based, dedicated database software applications.

Each DAB application can address different and specific needs, in terms of data and/or process management of a financial, contractual, managerial or engineering nature. Population of data is straightforward using the Excel-based import function. Examples of DAB applications are RFD/RFW, improvement opportunities, inventory database, contact database, and many more.

During the webinar, there will be time to answer upcoming questions. The webinar will be held on Monday, 9 October between 14.00 and 15.00 Central European Time. So join us to learn all about DAB now! You can sign up for this webinar by sending an e-mail to

In case you register but you cannot make it for the webinar, we will share a recording of the webinar with you.