Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning software platform for Real-time route management and collision avoidance for unmanned platforms.


Changing how you work

Northstar, our AI technology solves complex problems across organisations within highly regulated sectors, such as medical, space and defence, that require spatial analysis, digital world and synthetic environment modelling. Our solutions are platform and domain agnostic.

Northstar, our integrated technology suite, has been developed to support transformation in organisations – combining digital world building with a toolbox of autonomy, machine learning decision support, constraint based planning and resource optimisation. It enables better decision-making and assured autonomy.

  • Customisable AI application for your organisation
  • Software that boosts decision-making and autonomy
  • Multi-platform capabilities for your organisation
  • Ensure informed decision-making and assured autonomy

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Planet with a ring

Delivering dynamic route management and collision avoidance for unmanned platforms.

Autonomous Navigation System

Our innovative software adds value to any autonomous system or capability by generating optimal routes against multiple dynamic user defined constraints of specific vehicle characteristics, performance, fuel efficiency, time and cost.

Our autonomous navigation system is being used across multiple projects within the U.K. and U.S. This includes developing and delivering fully autonomous targets to the U.S Air Force and working with the National Oceanography Centre to show how self-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) can help to improve safety and endurance in high-risk marine environments.

Why collaborate with Sapienza Consulting?

Sapienza Consulting has 25 of experience in delivering custom solutions to the Space & Defence sector. Our software experts and architect, not only have a great knowledge of the Space & Defence ecosystem, but have always worked within tight time frames and against tough quality and security requirements in order to successfully meet client goals. Our clients range from well-established satellite operators and manufacturers through to venture capital backed NewSpace ventures and include industry leaders such as the European Space Agency (ESA), EUMETSAT, Airbus Defence & Space, OHB, Thales Alenia Space, Qinetiq, and many more.

The Group

Case studies

Autonomous Project for Marine sector

Northstar, is central to an ambitious new autonomy project that aims to help improve safety and endurance in high-risk marine environments. This project, led by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), sets out to show how self-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) can operate in congested coastal waters such as ports and harbours.

Autonomous Project for the Defence sector

Mountain Horse Solutions, a U.S. Defense and Mission Critical Equipment Supplier, and two groups from the United Kingdom, tpgroup and Digital Concepts Engineering Ltd (DCE), together have been awarded a nine-month contract to develop and demonstrate fully autonomous targets to the United States Air Force (USAF). The targets are ultimately intended to simulate convoys of multiple vehicle types moving at speed to provide a high level of realism for pilots during targeting and strike training and munition capability assessment missions.

Autonomous Project for the Space sector

Space is becoming increasingly congested and cluttered both with debris and. This means the risk of collision has to be rapidly assessed and potential collision avoidance manoeuvres calculated. Each manoeuvre however comes at a cost with loss of service and reduction of lifespan through fuel use. Northstar can be applied to determine the optimal manoeuvre for a constellation of satellites with minimum cost. Through Northstar, we can provide autonomous satellite collision management by predicting more accurately the position and path of objects and identifying the necessary and optimal avoidance manoeuvres. By gguaranteeing that, satellites will be automatically redirected and avoiding collisions we can create a more secure and sustainable environment in Space.

Can be equipped in all types of moving systems

Autonomous vehicles, autonomous vessels, autonomous robots, autonomous drones, autonomous aircraft and autonomous probes are some examples of autonomous systems. The list of unmanned systems and unmanned technology is endless. Speak to one of our experts on how we can implement North* into your project.


North* helps you to optimise critical resources – however challenging your world.

Our Northstar software can easily be utilised for vehicle platforms across land, airborne, space and sub-surface applications within the commercial, defence, and emergency response domains. This holistic planning approach also enables the simultaneous planning of multiple robots – de-conflicting and optimising their paths as a team. This enables collaborative exploration of the environment, for example in a disaster response mission or other hazardous situations such as offshore wind farms, oil rigs or a nuclear setting.