NewSpace & Satcom Recruitment (NSSR)

Flexible and Dynamic Manpower for a New Approach to Space

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Manpower Solutions in NewSpace & Satcom

With an unrivaled commitment to delivery, coupled with 7 locations across Europe, Sapienza’s NSSR team are truly the experts you need to turn to when looking to build strong leadership teams and businesses. We are experts in recruiting for private NewSpace companies involved with SmallSat technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanomaterials, IFEC, IoT/M2M, Satcoms and Earth Observation, and our team has been critical to the success of many NewSpace companies all over the world.

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Flexible NewSpace Recruitment Services

With over 20 years’ experience, we have a real passion for the talent management industry and we give our client’s access to the very best talent in the global market. Sapienza Consulting works heavily with early-stage startup and growth stage companies across the world with a big focus on companies based in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Whether it’s Executive Search, Permanent Selection, Interim/Contracting or Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions your company requires; Sapienza Consulting has it covered.

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Dynamic NewSpace Style Approach to Personnel

With the NSSR services we are here to get your personnel for your next venture whether it's CubeSats, Geospatial Intelligence, Space Tourism, Satellite Communications, Space Farming, Autonomous Drones, Creating Reusable Rockets, or any other ground-breaking activity.

  • Delivery – Focused on Delivering Quality CV's in a Timely Matter
  • Heritage – Experience with Satellite Operators (GEO/MEO/LEO/Nano), Spacecraft Manufacturers and Launch Companies Across the Globe
  • Flexibility – Tailor Made Recruitment That Suits Any Business Culture

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