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Our heritage

Sapienza Consulting has been providing workforce in the Space & Defence sector for 25 years. Our experienced recruiters have been critical to the success of many industry clientele all over the world. As well as the traditional GEO / MEO players within Satellite Communications we are currently scaling-up many NewSpace ventures involved in small satellite (SmallSat) technologies. This covers LEO Operators, Earth Observation (Optical & SAR), Manufacturers, launch vehicles, Space Debris removal, Data Analytics and much more covering both upstream and downstream applications.

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Why work with Sapienza Consulting?

Our recruiters are continuously filling positions in Europe, Middle East, Asia and The Americas, so we truly have the expertise to deliver on a global scale. We cover all corporate functions, sales & marketing, technology & engineering as well as senior appointments at C-Level. If you are looking to scale a business quickly or just require a key individual, then we are truly the experts to turn too.

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Executive Search

If you are looking to hire a key individual for your business, then usually these people are hard to source because they are successful in their current job and are not looking for new opportunities. There is huge pressure for businesses to find leaders who have the skills and experience necessary to succeed, that can advance corporate strategy and fit in with the company culture. We have a wealth of experience being able to research the market and headhunt senior executives within the Space & Satcom domain.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Sapienza has been delivering game-changing talent into the Space & Defence sector for 25 years. Our innovative RPO Programs typically last from 3-36 months dependent on your hiring needs. When scaling-up a new venture or recruiting for a new project, time is money and whilst a company has many open positions, it means the company is not running to their full potential. Please get in touch if you want to...

• Reduce cost per hire
• Cut time to hire.
• Increase quality of hire.
• Improve scalability.

The pressure to reduce time-to-fill is overwhelming for most HR departments yet rushing to replace employees with poor fit candidates only results in high turnover and a process restart. Our RPO Programs are tracked by key metrics to safeguard our promise to you. Our business model means we are constantly delivering candidates within strict timeframes time and time again.

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