We meet your Space and Defence needs

Sapienza has vast experience in government and industry support with a positive Security posture


Space is at the heart of our operations. We are one of the few organisations in the global space sector with a track record of contracts that cover the whole space industry supply chain. We engage with intergovernmental and national agencies, Tier-1 system integrators, system suppliers, scientific institutes and start-ups alike. Our list of satisfied European clients is second to none in our areas of competence. We are a household name in the provision of Workforce Services and expert software solutions for the space mission and project office and are continually extending our expertise across the whole space engineering domain

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In the defence sector, our competences stretch across the business, engineering and information technologies functions. Our staff and Associates support day-to-day administration activities, general IT infrastructures, as well as the design implementation and operations of critical systems for dual and military use. Many of our resources are deployed in support of our NATO clients (Agencies) and their goals. In the Space and Aerospace sector, we support national and international agencies and programmes with both Security-Cleared personnel and high-security IT solutions. Photo credit: NATO

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Thanks to our involvement in the IT domain of the Space and Defence sector since 1994, we have developed a Security competence and enhanced Security posture. We have a track record of implementing secure and effective technical solutions and integrating these with industry-leading technologies, developing creative and robust results. We deliver operational services with Security-Cleared professionals at the customer sites across Europe or locally from our own Security-Cleared facilities. Within our deployed workforce, we can count on both physical security and cyber security experts and ex-military personnel

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The global NewSpace sector has seen record high investment over recent years within both upstream and downstream applications. Our recruitment team has successfully scaled-up many businesses involved in Data Analytics, Launch, Lunar Exploration, In-Orbit Services, Remote Sensing, Spacecraft Hardware and Software & Systems Engineering. Our client base expands across Europe, Middle East, APAC and The Americas.

Satellite Communications

Sapienza’s recruitment team has a long standing history successfully recruiting people all over the world within satellite communications. Not only do we have an excellent track record of working with GEO, MEO and LEO operators, we also have over 25 years of experience working with space agencies, hardware companies, consultancies, regulatory bodies and MoD’s.