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Join Our Upcoming ECLIPSE Software Suite Webinars 2021 

04/03/2020 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands 

We are glad to announce that we will be running a new ECLIPSE Software Suite 2021 webinar series! 

The first two webinars will take place on: 

The sessions will be hosted by our ECLIPSE Suite Key Account Manager Ross Irvine, and each of the webinars will be onehour long. The first 45 minutes will be devoted to the presentation, while the last 15 minutes will be available for a Q&A session.  

Read more about the topics covered below: 

11 March – Space Project Management using ECLIPSE Suite 

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In this Webinar we will examine the possibilities that the ECLIPSE Software Suite offers you when managing a space system project or missionThe ECLIPSE suite provides the ability to perform end-to-end space project management remotely and electronically, through each phase of your project, from the initial mission analysis and feasibility studies through the major milestones such as the Preliminary Design Review and far into the operational phases. 

You will learn what applications exist within the ECLIPSE Software Suite and when they can be introduced for maximum benefit and project control.  

Key Topics: 

  • ECLIPSE Suite Applications and functionality 
  • Phases of an ECSS Space Project Lifecycle  
  • Document Collaboration and Datapack Exchange throughout the Supply Chain 
  • Optimising Reviewing Items of Discrepancy (eRID) for Key Milestones & Action Tracking 
  • When to introduce RISK management & Non-Conformance Tracking for effective Project Management 


  • Learn about the simple, safe and secure ECLIPSE Software Suite 
  • End-to-end ECSS Project Management of a space project remotely 
  • Full online collaboration for the whole supply chain 

Who should attend: 

This Webinar is of particular interest to anyone new to the ECLIPSE Suite and interested in the possibility of using a centralised affordable software platform for managing projects in space. Existing users of the ECLIPSE Software Suite are welcome to learn more about when and how best to introduce the suite of applications during the project phases.  

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15 April – Running a Formal Space Project Review remotely 

In this webinar, we will examine the possibilities that the ECLIPSE Suite offers you when performing a Milestone Space Project Reviews, such as a Qualification Review (QR) or a System Readiness Review (SRR).  

ECLIPSE Suite provides the ability to perform end-to-end space project reviews remotely and electronically from the initial creation and exchange of the technical documentation, through the RID Review process with all stakeholders in the supply chain and closes the loop with all follow-up actions and end-item or closure data packs. 

We will focus on alternative methods of data and document deliveries, which can be achieved directly within the Document Configuration and Change Management tool DCCM, while looking at the end-to-end RID management & action tracking process built into ECLIPSE Suite.  

Key Topics: 

  • Document and Datapack Delivery directly from DCCM 
  • Optimising eRID Review Management & Action Tracking 
  • Review Status Reporting 


  • Learn about the simple, safe, and secure data and document exchange  
  • End-to-end online management of space project reviews remotely 
  • Full online collaboration for the whole supply chain 

Who should attend: 

This webinar is of interest to both existing users of the ECLIPSE Software Suite who wish to learn about alternative ways of data/document exchange with suppliers and customers and to anyone interested in the possibility of using ECLIPSE Suite for the management of their Space Project Reviews. 

The link for registering for this webinar will be shared soon. 

Watch this space for more upcoming webinars, and we are looking forward to having you join us! 

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