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About Project Support

The roles in Project Support cover a diverse range of activities from budget management to the processing of invoices, purchase orders and expense claims. Rigorous adherence to process is key to providing sound financial management and reporting to the various project stakeholders.

Candidates selected for these types of roles can all demonstrate first-hand experience of working in these areas, and have proven experience handling large amounts of numerical data while following strict procedures in a highly accurate and deadline oriented manner. Additionally, employees within project support roles would be expected to have excellent Microsoft Office skills (in particular Excel), as well as fluency in a range of industry standard tools such as SAP.

Our staff has contributed to the successful programme management and control of over 20 space missions within ESA, from Columbus and METOP to Herschel-Planck and Galileo. Typical activities in this domain include:

Timesheet Administration / Workforce Planning

Through Sapienza’s years of experience working with space and defense institutional and industry organisations, we are well aware of the high level of responsibility and accuracy required for the administration of timesheets. Staff in this position often play a pivotal role in project management, receiving data from a wide variety of contacts and providing reports to several departments, requiring them to have excellent communication and organization skills in addition to accuracy. Some of their typical activities include:

  • Time-based charging activities, financial administration
  • Workforce Control and Planning
  • Consolidation with contractual agreements
  • Monthly Reporting
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