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About Product Assurance & Safety Engineering

Product Assurance and Safety (PA & S) Engineers are responsible for failure-proofing missions by ensuring that the materials, mechanical parts, processes and electrical components used in spacecraft and/or launchers are fit for the duration of the mission. This is done by providing support to all of ESA’s activities and verifying requirements and their compliance. In addition, PA&S Engineers will ensure that all material and parts used will last for the duration of a mission and look across the industry to see that current materials and processes are being used.

  • Establishing PA & S requirements in compliance with PA & S policy, as well as conducting, monitoring and assessing the implementation of the programme.
  • Developing and promoting an understanding of the effects of the space environment on materials and components
  • Seeking to make sure all necessary analyses have been performed to ensure the mission will be a success
  • Ensuring compliance support with ISO and audits
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