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Are you looking for a job within the field of Office Support? At Sapienza, we are committed to providing our office support staff with the job, the environment, the training and the support to grow and reach their full potential.

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About Office Support

From the outside, one might suppose that high-end technology organisations only employ a vast array of scientists and engineers and little else. Such an assumption, however, would be misplaced and fails to appreciate the key support provided across a range of activities by highly qualified project administration staff.

In broad terms, office and management support takes on many roles and covers a wealth of service provision and associated skill sets, from management support to secretarial staff and documentalists. Individually, all of these functions are important but when combined they serve to ensure projects and programmes operate on a daily basis and free senior managers and other key technical staff to achieve their goals.

Our Manpower Consultants have contributed to the successful programme management and control of over 20 space missions within ESA, from Columbus and METOP to Herschel-Planck and Galileo. Typical activities in this service area include:

Secretarial & Administrative Support

In general, secretaries, administrative assistants, personal assistants and receptionists are the main point of contact for their respective Manager and Teams, as well as for all internal and external communication. It is, therefore, crucial that personnel in this service area act in a representative manner at all times, show excellent communication skills, cultural awareness and tact aside from having the necessary organisational skills required to be able to fulfil their roles:

  • Handling email and telephone requests
  • Welcoming guests and support to visitor service, including access control, preparing visa applications and distribution of information material
  • Organisation of agenda and meetings
  • Coordination of international travel arrangements
  • Maintenance of office supplies

Document Control Support

Administrative support within document control is a niche position in engineering environments and requires a good understanding of a document’s lifecycle management and how it applies to the various phases of a project. It is important to have skilled staff with a high level of process and service orientation in addition to excellent organizational skills to provide support in collating, registering, archiving, and distributing documentation:

  • Creation of electronic documents
  • Document receipt, registration, distribution, and archiving
  • Document status reviews and project design reviews
  • User and management support
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