Earth Observation Engineering Jobs

Are you looking for an Earth Observation Engineering job? Earth Observation Engineers are those engineers who work with the Earth’s surface to study various aspects of the planet. At Sapienza Consulting, we are committed to providing our people the environment, training and support to grow and reach their full potential.

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About Earth Observation Engineering

EOP stands for Earth Observation Programmes, and the Engineers supporting EOP come from a varied skillset, as they can be tasked with working on the instruments that observe our planet, managing the infrastructure on the ground or analysing the data. The Earth Observation satellites have instruments using innovative technology and the latest measuring techniques to provide us with a variety of data that sheds light on Earth; whether it’s soil moisture, the atmosphere, water levels, global temperature or coastal lines. They also provide support after natural or man-made disasters and to weather patterns.

  • Designing, building, testing and preparing the satellite and instruments for launch
  • Managing the ground infrastructure to support Earth Observation activities
  • Analysing the data that comes from Earth Observation satellites