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Are you looking for a job in outreach or communication? At Sapienza, we are committed to providing our communication staff with the job, the environment, the training and the support to grow and reach their full potential.

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About Communication Jobs

In today’s media and information driven societies, the importance of skilled outreach personnel can only be considered a crucial asset for any organisation looking to build and maintain a positive public image across media, general public (population), business partners, institutions and organizations.

Education, communication and outreach come in many forms and there is no single format or formula that guarantees success across this domain; rather it requires highly qualified, trained and experienced individuals who can adapt strategy and output to the rapidly changing demands and evolution of an information and media rich world and its diverse audiences.

This activity area includes communication, education, media and event support, as well as website development and support. In line with these activities, Sapienza provides individuals who bring a number of unique skills to their role, combined with personal flair and vision to work both individually and in teams with the focus on reaching the right target audiences via the right channels.

Communications Officer

Communications Officers are responsible for the organisation’s communication with different target audiences, including customers, journalists, investors, suppliers and the community. By communicating effectively with their target audience, they help to build a positive reputation for the organisation, a key aspect to institutions that rely on funding for the continuation of their activities:

  • Develop, create and implement multi-channel communication campaigns including: articles and publications, press-releases, websites, multimedia/audio-video productions, social media presence and much more
  • Manage relations with governments, media and press, public and private institution partners and the general public
  • Coordinate conference and event organisation

Education Officer

Communications Officers specialised in the education audience are a niche type of role that can be found particularly in scientific environments. By engaging and educating the audience, public relations are strengthened and a return is provided to the community.

  • Manage relationships with education partner organizations, such as schools and universities, as well other education providers and institutions
  • Create and develop classroom materials and support activities to education providers as well as teacher training, in particular through events and training courses
  • Raise the profile of (national) education initiatives and projects through various communications channels


Sapienza Consulting has supported ESA’s Communications and Education Support offices successfully for years through the service of dedicated professionals. Significant contributions have been delivered to the creation of engaging and educating outreach activities, including the CanSat competition.

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