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Are you looking for a Business Administration job or Finance job? Business and Finance professionals manage and analyze the financial affairs of an organization. See a job you like? Then we welcome your application. At Sapienza Consulting, we are committed to providing our staff the environment, training and support to grow and reach their full potential.

A video from our recruiter with a description of the type of person we are looking for to fill the role of Documentalists. Please contact Elena directly to learn more

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About Financial Administration

The processing and verification of both electronic and paper invoices in accordance to company and local financial regulations & instructions is a common supporting task in any organization or project team. This role can be a stand-alone position at times but it is often included in the tasks of other administrative or project support personnel. Whether it be a separate position or not, successful employees in this field need to be highly numerate, often with an accounting background and the analytical skills required to operate a complex accounting system. The tasks may include the following:

  • Processing, verifying and documenting electronic and paper invoices
  • Provision of invoice/payment details to partners
  • Off-setting advance payments and processing related financial transactions
  • Reconciliation and clearing of vendor accounts
  • Operating the accounts payable subsystems
  • Verification of cost assignment for new procurement actions
  • Reconciliations
  • Participation in audits