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Why work at GHGSat?

GHGSAT is an international organization that researches, monitors, and displays the real-time air quality data of the world. They are committed to using their expertise in environmental research to save human lives. They support academic research in various fields with satellite observation data available for use by scientists all over the world so they can improve their own studies which will contribute towards building a better future for everyone on this planet. GHGSAT develops and operates nano satellites measuring CO2, methane & carbon monoxide levels while also providing raw data.

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Work for a company which is solving a real world problem

If you are interested in working on an applied science project which will have a real impact in our fight against climate change, you should join GHGSat!


Greenhouse gas measurement is an important part of managing GHG emissions. The GHG Inventory provides a comprehensive overview of the sources and sinks for Greenhouse Gases, both domestically and internationally.


GHGSat will create new markets for the greenhouse gas monitoring services that have been developed over the years at university and government laboratories in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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What does GHGSat offer you:

At GHGSat, you will be a part of a team working on a real world problem. You will be able to work with the latest technology and see your impact in real time across all corners of the globe.

GHGSat's work environment is fast paced, collegial and collaborative. They value creativity, drive and innovation. The team is composed of highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for developing new technologies that will serve a greater good.

Of course, they also provide a competitive compensation package and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Full-time position
  • Transparent and exciting environment
  • Hybrid positions (remote / on-site)
  • Stock options available (under conditions)

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Apply Process

The process of applying is easy. The jobs are being handled by Sapienza Consulting and you can submit your resume on Space-Defence-Security-Jobs on the job that fits you, or sent it directly to

If we got your interest and you would like more information about the jobs at GHGSat, you can also contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions!

1. Apply to the job on SDS-Job

2. Talk with our recruiter

3. Get invited for an interview

4. Get an offer

5. Do a security clearance

6. Start working at GHGSat

If you are interested in joining GHGSat you can apply on Space-Defence-Security-Jobs or send us an application.