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ESRIN Men’s Team Sponsored by Sapienza wins XXXIX ESA Football Tournament

26/06/2019 – Noordwijk – The Netherlands

Sapienza Consulting sponsored team ESRIN has won the 39th edition of the ESA Football Tournament, the European Space Agency’s oldest sports competition that convenes every year hundreds of players from its centres ESAC, ESTEC, ESOC, ESRIN and from the NASA Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex (MDSCC).

This year’s edition was organized by the ESOC team and held in Algarve, Portugal, where up to 250 people gathered in the weekend of the 8 and 9 June to compete in an exciting but friendly atmosphere.

ESRIN’s men’s team won the tournament for the 12th time, winning four of four matches and equalling ESTEC as top champion with 12 trophies in the tournament’s history. Moreover, an ESRIN player from the women’s team won the Best Player of the Tournament prize, although her team finished fourth.

Fabrizio Fiorini, from the ESRIN team, stated:

We had a great time sharing the weekend with other ESA employees and their families. Thanks to Sapienza Consulting for being a loyal partner of the ESRIN team for many years.

This year’s tournament was more special than ever for it was hosted by Alan Brown, founder of the tournament in 1981, historical ESRIN goalkeeper and now owner of the sports resort Browns in Vilamoura, in Portugal.

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