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Work on Europe’s flagship space projects at ESA

Do you want to work where Europe’s international space engineering teams are working together to solve our planet environmental and societal issues, as well as on exciting new space ventures? This is possible as a Sapienza employee (i.e. contractor) working at ESA! At Sapienza Consulting, we support you in finding the ESA job you will enjoy; as an independent consultant or as part of our service teams. We are always trying to keep our applicants and employees informed about new opportunities at ESA or within the global space industry that match their profile. Regardless of your field of expertise, at Sapienza Consulting, we will help you to get the most out of your career.

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Your dream job at ESA starts with Sapienza Consulting

Working at ESA is great! We offer positions based in our offices and at ESTEC in Noordwijk, ECSAT in Harwell, EGNOS in Toulouse & ESOC in Darmstadt. ESA sites offer excellent benefits for contractors in a truly multinational environment where European Space Industry and Institutions meet to grow and create value for the European population. Besides that, working on exciting European space projects and contributing to Europe’s space industry leadership is, of course, thrilling and exciting!

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What can we offer you at ESA:

We offer a variety of opportunities at ESA. Firstly we offer ESA jobs that have to do with the engineering and science of space missions, such as Space Systems Engineering, Telecommunications and Antenna Engineering, Software Engineering, Aerospace Engineering; and other space and engineering fields. Secondly, we offer ESA jobs that are not directly space-related but are very important for the proper management of ESA as an International organization, and for the day-to-day management of space missions. For example, our opportunities in this area include ESA vacancies in IT, Business Administration, Project and Service Management, and Finance, Scheduling, Risk Management, and Project Control. After over 25 years of collaborating with ESA, we have a good understanding of what both ESA and our employees are looking for.

  • Work on cutting-edge Space projects
  • Get a respectful work-life balance
  • Work in a truly international community with colleagues from over 30 countries
  • Get a career with possibilities for horizontal mobility across projects and countries
  • Great working environment
  • Competitive remuneration and generous annual leave allowance
  • Continuous training and access to our Academy for your self-development
  • Updates with exciting, challenging, and diverse job opportunities across Europe
  • Relocation support for your family

What are the ESA job requirements?

In general, we offer ESA job opportunities to suitably qualified applicants who are authorized to work in Europe. Unfortunately, for certain positions, where security is paramount, we might only be able to offer an ESA job opportunity to citizens of the ESA member states (link to ESA page for members states).

Launch your space career at ESA with Sapienza Consulting

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