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Why work at e2E?

The e2E Design Agency is a prominent UK independent Design House, Systems Engineering and Consultancy Group with the primary goal of providing high-quality, customised technical support and expertise in the satellite communication sector. E2E Design Agency offers a full range of services, including consulting in all areas satellite communication, planning and setting up ground station systems, creating antenna control software or designing high power amplifiers. At this company you will find extremely creative and dedicated people who thrive in a flexible, fast-paced and international environment.

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e2E is for people who want to discover new frontiers of their talents

One of the main reasons why people are interested in working at e2E is that they have a diverse range of services that they offer. They provide consulting, ground station equipment, antenna control software, high power amplifiers plus a range of other services to their customers.

There services require a lot of expertise and experience to design, develop, implement, and maintain. This is what makes e2E special – you are never limited by the work that is given to you. They are always looking for new ways to challenge their employees and help them grow in their respective fields. The company has a very flexible environment where people are encouraged to think outside the box, take ownership of their work, be open to others. If you are looking for a company that will invest in your future and provide you with amazing opportunities, come work for e2E.

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What does e2E offer you:

At e2E it is possible to work on a single project as well as several different projects. This allows you to keep your skills fresh and transfer them from one project to another. E2E is a very dynamic company, with many different departments that work together closely in order to provide the best quality service possible.

You will get support from other members of your team, regardless of which department you will be working in (Consulting, Operations, Systems Engineering).

At E2E, they are always looking to improve their operations. If you have new ideas for improvement or changes that could help the company grow, share them with your manager and you will receive full support to implement any of your suggestions.

Of course, they also provide a competitive compensation package and encourage a healthy work-life balance.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Flexible working
  • Innovative projects
  • Transparent and exciting environment
  • Hybrid positions (remote / on-site)
  • Training and Development opportunities
  • Private Healthcare

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Apply Process

The process of applying is easy. The jobs are being handled by Sapienza Consulting and you can submit your resume on Space-Defence-Security-Jobs on the job that fits you, or sent it directly to jobs@sapienzaconsulting.com.

If we got your interest and you would like more information about the jobs at e2E, you can also contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions!

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If you are interested in joining e2E you can apply on Space-Defence-Security-Jobs or send us an application.