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Our digital tools are being used as pillars by our clients. They are uniquely suited to bring your organisation accuracy, quality, and security regardless of whether you are dealing with high stake situations or day to day processes.

ECLIPSE Software Suite

The ECLIPSE software suite helps space project and mission teams achieve higher efficiency. If better coordination, control and compliance with applicable quality standards are your goals, ECLIPSE is the tool for you. ECLIPSE is the only collaborative suite of integrated applications designed with the invaluable experience of space and defence industry professionals. The ECLIPSE Software Suite is instrumental to the successful operations of numerous (inter)national Space Agencies, Large Platform System Integrators and SMEs across Europe. For more information about the ECLIPSE Software Suite and the associated services, visit our dedicated ECLIPSE website

  • Project Management (PM)
  • Project Control (PC)
  • Documentation and Configuration Management (DCCM)
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Data Management (DM)
  • Risk Management (RM)


Our AI technology solves complex problems across organisations within highly regulated sectors, such as medical, space and defence, that require spatial analysis, digital world and synthetic environment modelling. Our solutions are platform and domain agnostic.

North*, our integrated technology suite, has been developed to support transformation in organisations – combining digital world building with a toolbox of autonomy, machine learning decision support, constraint based planning and resource optimisation. It enables better decision-making and assured autonomy.

Our North* suite brings together all elements of our digital capability in a single ‘bolt on’ application to your existing equipment be it on a land, sea or air.

  • Spatial analysis & modeling
  • Optimised autonomous navigation
  • Machine learning decision support
  • Resource optimisation
  • Multifactorial decision making
  • Task planning
  • Reacting live by i.e. dynamic collision avoidance
  • Creates, monitors and updates waypoints
  • Increase level of autonomy, effectiveness, and resilience of the system



Optimiser is a dynamic and rapid decision support tool for organisations that need to plan capacity and optimise the availability of critical resources within their enterprise.

Optimiser, part of the N* suite, is a data-driven decision support tool that uses a metaheuristic approach to rapidly explore large-scale, multidimensional decision spaces to undertake constraint based planning and resource optimisation – in a fraction of the time of traditional capacity planning and availability tools (15 seconds versus 3 hours).

  • Can be dynamically and rapidly adjusted
  • Reflect changing circumstances
  • Explore different (what-if) scenarios
  • Trade-off accuracy versus immediacy of decision making
  • Dynamic replanning and reallocation
  • Business continuity planning
  • Long-term planning and allocation of resources
  • Determining the optimal investment
  • Balance production cost utilisation and time taken

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