Reducing the cost of IT with an integrated PM/QA tool

The benefits of using ECLIPSE for Syderal Space is the ability to harmonise many of the key processes into one tool. Prior to ECLIPSE being obtained their IT team had to manage various HW stacks and multiple platforms


  • Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM)
  • Action Items Manager (AIM)
  • Non-Conformance Tracking System (eNCTS)
  • Database Application Builder (DAB)
  • Sapienza Hosting Service
  • Sapienza Remote Support
  • Sapienza Migration Services

Customer Needs

Syderal are the first Swiss based company to obtain the ECLIPSE suite, they are also the first industry company to obtain Sapienza’s migration services.

Syderal Space contacted Sapienza as they had undertaken an internal project to reduce the amount of varied systems used to manage their project processes. Sapienza attended to consult with Syderal Space and the outcome of the assessment was a need to harmonise the Document Management, Non-Conformance and Actions as a priority and in addition Sapienza were to propose a way to integrate their RFD/W/A’s, which are to be managed within the DAB application.

Syderal is an electronic equipment supplier specialising in the design, development, manufacturing and validation of hardware and software electronic solutions.


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