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GHGSat is a Canadian start-up company with an ambitious goal to revolutionize access to information about greenhouse gas emissions by providing satellite data on carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere. GHGSat's goal would fundamentally change how companies, governments and other organizations measure their emissions. In order to do this GHGsat needs to scale-up the business by hiring the best talent from within the industry. GHGSat have chosen to outsource part of their recruitment to Sapienza Consulting who agreed to place 15 people within a 6-month timeframe across their commercial, operations and software engineering divisions within Canada and the United Kingdom. Sapienza Consulting is thrilled and honoured to be collaborating with GHGSat and helping the company find the right talent and expertise to support their growth venture.

Selected Services

  • Project RPO (6-month program)
  • Headhunting
  • KPI monitoring, Statement of Work

How we helped GHGSat

By choosing our Project RPO program GHGSat have reduced their recruitment costs by over $230,000 CAD within just 6-months. During the 6-month program GHGSat are able to outsource as many positions as they want to Sapienza Consulting however Sapienza has to fill a maximum of 15 positions. There is an agreed monthly fee for duration of the RPO program along with key metrics that Sapienza Consulting has to adhere too. Our team of expert recruiters work closely with the human resources department within GHGSat to make sure we deliver the very best talent within the shortest timeframes possible, ultimately our team act as an extension of GHGSat’s HR department.

GHGSat designs, develops and utilizes emission sensing and data technology for industries seeking to decarbonize their activities and the planet we all share. There goal is to create a compelling perspective for the future of humanity.

Ian and I have been working together for some time now, and our partnership has been tremendous asset to our growing company. As we continue to expand, I count on his team's expertise in the space sector and his quick turnaround and lovely attention. I highly recommend Sapienza for any recruiting project out there.

Tania Flores


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