Soft & Hard Skills Training

“Well-honed Soft Skills and Hard Skills: a prerequisite for being successful”

The world of modern corporate organizations, with its multitude of stakeholders and interests, is a complex and dynamic environment. When organizations are facing changes, they quickly result in changes for employees.

In a world of continuous learning, flexibility has become a requirement rather than an asset. An appropriate combination of Soft Skills (behaviour-oriented) and Hard Skills (task-oriented) is needed to address the challenges this raises.

Our training approach

  • Determine the needs – an intake may be required
  • Induce awareness of preferred strategy
  • Identify alternative strategies
  • Experiment with alternative strategies during the training – this is referred to as formal learning
  • Apply what you learned in your day-to-day working environment – this is referred to as informal training and is supported by homework assignments, follow-up sessions and long term feedback

Training portfolio

To support recurring needs the following trainings have been developed as standard training packages and are available as classroom training, coaching, self-study and guided peer reviews setup:

  • Assertiveness in the Workplace
    In every situation, there is a choice to behave assertively, aggressively or non- assertively. What behaviour is chosen depends on many factors, but assertive behaviour is often the right choice. Participants are made aware of their preference and their capability to consciously vary in different situations is increased.
  • Effective collaboration in Projects
    Explains basics of project management and creates awareness of group dynamics and team processes, allowing participants to contribute more effectively when working together with other members of the project team.
  • Delivering better presentations
    Trains participants to use tools and techniques to construct better presentations and improve their presentation skills while delivering presentations.
  • Business writing
    Creates awareness of the dynamics surrounding written communications, improves the quality of texts and provides tools to apply structure and increase the persuasiveness of texts.


Here’s what people said about our Soft Skills and Hard Skills training:

“Exercises were good to practice and evolve our skills”
“Tailored to our needs, experience and queries”
“I really liked the training assignments they ensured the trainee was applying the newly acquired information”
“Well structured, clearly communicated, interactive”

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