Project RID Review Service

“End to end” support of a RID Review cycle, single point of contact working close with the Client’s Review Team to ensure the Review is designed as per their needs and goes smooth throughout its lifecycle.

The project RID review service includes the following:

1. Consultancy Support at the initial design of the Review:

  • Procedure Document – fill in the tools details, describe the system to be used
  • Check list of all parts and aspects of a Review to be prepared before the start
  • Risk identification – possible problems to arise during the Review, to be assessed at the design phase
  • Set up the Review including tasks such as Datapack management, User access management, Monitoring the Review from a technical perspective, ensuring accessibility during agreed business hours
  • Design Board Report (Produced in DASH)

2. Training for:

  • Review Manager role
  • Panel Chairman
  • Creator
  • Contractor Responsible

3. Kick Off meeting:

  • Present the eRID and the basic process
  • Provide ‘How To’ materials (quick guides and videos how to create RIDs, how to search, etc.)
  • Introduce the Dedicated RID Review Support consultant and how to contact him/her

4. Co-location meeting:

  • Train Panel Chairman before going to the meeting
  • Prepare the Review for the Co-location meeting
  • Attend the meeting, physically or trough video/teleconference, or
  • On standby during the meeting

5. Other services:

  • Lessons learned and feedback from the Review
  • Plan for future reviews according to the Project Schedule
  • End Item Datapack upload per Review

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