IT & Service Management Training

“ITIL® focus on how to keep alignment between IT and the needs of the business in an ever changing world”

IT and technological innovation introduce an endless stream of new possibilities. Change has become the rule rather than the exception. The number of stakeholders involved in the information lifecycle is ever increasing, resulting in a complex web of interdependencies. In this environment, IT service providers need to make sure they provide value to the business now and in the future.

The IT infrastructure library (ITIL®) is widely used to meet this challenge. ITIL® provides a cohesive set of best practices, drawn from the public and private sectors. It has been enhanced to address the needs of IT service providers are facing today. The implementation of ITIL® best practices helps organizations to:

  • Reduce overall costs
  • Improve value creation
  • Align the service portfolio with business needs
  • Deliver well-designed services meeting customers’ needs now and in the future
  • Improve customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery
    Develop the ability to adopt and adapt

Training portfolio

Our ITIL® training portfolio encompasses Foundation, Intermediate and Expert levels.

Training is composed of:

  • Highly interactive classroom sessions, which include discussions about process improvements, benefits and challenges
  • Case studies with exercises to help understanding the ITIL principles and their application in practical situations
  • Exam preparation, exam and certification

Custom training can be delivered upon request to support a project to in order to enhance your IT service management capabilities.

Training levels

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Expert

ITIL Expert represents the highest level of ITIL training. It is needed to be eligible for the ITIL Master qualification.

ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited

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