ECLIPSE Implementation Services

ECLIPSE Project Implementation Services leverage a proven methodology to ensure a fast, effective service to suit the business requirements. 

Utilising best-practices and space industry experience, our ECLIPSE Professional Services consultants can help you configure and implement single or multiple ECLIPSE module(s) to achieve higher efficiency, better control and compliance in your project and business areas.

Our ECLIPSE Professional Services Consultants will ensure your implementation is successful and realises in full the potential of your data and information architecture.

Sapienza offers 3 types of implementation services based on where the ECLIPSE software is to be deployed.  The level of support clients wish to delegate to Sapienza can also be chosen, allowing them to focus on their core business. The 3 types offered are:

Methodology – All our space business driven ECLIPSE implementations (covering the service types above) follow a common collaborative implementation process as described hereafter.


  • Through client workshops our Consultants understands your business goals and expectations
  • We analyse and propose the most appropriate  infrastructure environment to ensure an optimal performing implementation

Design and Customisation

  • Together with the client we design and customize an ECLIPSE instance (with one or more modules) that enables the client business processes (based on ECSS and ISO) and meets their needs

Execution and Validation

  • Our consultants configure the system according to your agreed configuration and project management plan
  • The system is validated before going live in an acceptance environment


  • Once the configuration is validated the ECLIPSE is release in a production environment
  • Key Users are trained
  • Regular post go live meetings are organised to ensure system is optimised to the needs of the end-users

Common Benefits of ECLIPSE Services:

  • ECLIPSE modules and projects implementations are tailored to suit your business requirements.
  • Projects are implemented in the most effective and efficient way using proven methodology and best-practices depending on where your project is in its lifecycle.
  • Correct implementation will reduce the need for future corrections, re-designs and data restructuring.
  • Utilise to the maximum integration between ECLIPSE modules to reduce the amount of manual users’ transactions within the project and reduce errors.

As the client business conditions and processes changes our clients can rely on Sapienza to optimize their existing implementation through ad–hoc consultancy support. Sapienza consultants will review our clients’ current business practices, the existing ECLIPSE configuration, and work with key users to develop recommendations for improving the ECLIPSE configuration and/or processes. If required we can assist with the implementation of the recommendations based on their specific needs.

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