ECLIPSE Evolution Service

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business and, accordingly, we place strong emphasis on developing customer enthusiasm and exceeding their expectations. At Sapienza we dynamically monitor and anticipate our clients’ changing needs and we create innovative products and superior services to fulfil them.

Amongst the value-adding services designed with our ECLIPSE software customers in mind, we offer the “ECLIPSE Evolution Service”. This service enables a client to permanently influence the ECLIPSE software product. This ad-hoc service is designed to target and respond to the customer unique software requirements, to incorporate them in our general Product Evolution Roadmap, and deliver them in a timely fashion and within a fixed and affordable financial envelope, realising immediate value.

The ECLIPSE Evolution Service follows a well structured, result-oriented and collaborative process that involves the customer from kick-off to delivery.


  • Through client workshops our Consultants understands your business goals, needs and expectations.
  • We analyse and propose the most appropriate solution in terms of software, supporting infrastructure and services to ensure an optimal cost effective performing implementation.

Design and Customisation

  • With involvement from the client we design the customization that is required to address particular needs of the client outside the standard features of any of the ECLIPSE modules.
  • We then present the options for incorporating the newly designed solution into our product roadmap.

Execution and Validation

  • Our development team, through the agile process, build the customization during one of our release phase.
  • The evolution is tested on an acceptance environment to ensure that the functionality works as expected by the client as part of our users business process.
  • Once the evolution is validated the ECLIPSE is released in a production environment and signed off by the requesting client.

Delivery Follow up

  • Key Users are trained
  • Regular post go live meetings are organised to ensure system is optimised to the needs of the end-users.

Sapienza applies standard industry methodologies and best practices when implementing new software projects or services: Agile methodologies for software development, PRINCE2 for project management and ITIL for service management. Depending on the type of project or service we strive to apply a pragmatic approach to these methodologies to ensure the clients expectations are met in the most cost efficient manner.

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