In today’s highly computerised world, a well-functioning, high performance, secure and reliable IT Infrastructure is the backbone of every business. Every company utilises a broad range of business focused IT applications and supporting services to ensure its employees have an on-going capability to conduct core business activities.

This activity area covers the IT applications and infrastructure related disciplines from proximity support, ICT technician through to specific applications and security expertise. Our expert personnel have a broad range of skills matched to their specific roles which in turn cover the full range of IT functions including new infrastructure deployment, server configuration, application installation, desktop management and support and service management.

Sapienza IT personnel are high calibre individuals who can bring IT knowledge, support and training to Sapienza’s clients.

Technical and Application Support

Organisations increasingly rely on computer systems in all areas of their operations and decision-making processes. It is therefore crucial to ensure the correct running and maintenance of the IT systems. Technical and Application Support Engineers provide end-users the necessary support necessary to be able to work effectively:

  • On- site and remote technical support to end-users of core business IT equipment and applications
  • Install and perform minor repairs to hardware, software, or peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications
  • Assist in software evolutions and migrations

Network and System Engineers

Like technical and applications support engineers, networks and system engineers ensure that critical IT infrastructure and managed and maintained, but the focus is on the networks infrastructure. Typical tasks include:

  • Infrastructure development, configuration, deployment and support
  • Prepare and manage updates and upgrades to the infrastructure
  • Administrate and maintain back-end systems

Security Infrastructure

Ensuring a high level of information security has become increasingly necessary and not only defence and space institutions, but for all organisations. With all companies in the public eye, and in particular those funded from public funds, ensuring data protection of projects as well as employees is a requirement best not take lightly.

  • Build, secure and manage IT security infrastructure
  • Create policies and procedures defining security controls and implement them
  • Provide technical advice to management decisions on IT and security matters
  • Ensure security best practices are adhered to in the development of new initiatives