Sapienza Consulting Sponsors the ESA Golf Cup 2015

Sapienza Consulting was happy to be the one of the main sponsors at the ESA Golf Cup event, which was held on the 23rd and 24th May 2015 at the Villaitana Golf Resort near Alicante, Spain. continue reading

ECLIPSE Suite 3.6 Release

Noordwijk, 8th of April 2015, Sapienza releases today the ECLIPSE suite version 3.6 to all its customers and users. continue reading

Sapienza Receives “Preferred Supplier” Status for NIT and SWS Positions and “Best Supplier” for the BMC Domain under the Competitive ESA Frame Agreement for Industrial Support to ESA Directorates Represented at ESTEC!

Sapienza receives “Preferred Supplier” status for NIT and SWS positions and “Best Supplier” for the BMC Domain for the period of 1st March 2015 and 29th February 2016.continue reading

Sapienza Releases ECLIPSE Suite 3.5

Noordwijk, 1st of December 2014, Sapienza releases the ECLIPSE suite version 3.5 to all its customers and users. continue reading

Sapienza Employees Participates in the ICMT Conference

Sapienza employees Ross Irvine and Robert Meijer attended the annual International Configuration Management Team (ICMT) Conference face to face for the International Space Station (ISS).continue reading

Sapienza Sponsors ESRIN Football Teams at ESA Football Tournament 2014

We were happy to support for the second time the ESRIN Football Teams, men and women, to participate in this year’s event at the ESA Football Tournament 2014.continue reading

Sapienza Sponsors the Romanian Stand at ESTEC’s Fun Day

Sapienza tries to ensure that a healthy work - life balance is provided for all its employees. Sponsoring the Romanian food stand at ESTEC’s Fun Day, on the 21st of June, fits within that goal. continue reading

ECLIPSE Suite 3.4 Release

Noordwijk, 12th of June 2014, Sapienza releases today the eclipse suite version 3.4 to all its customers and users. This new release offers numerous new features and benefits as applied to the following modules:continue reading

Sapienza Receives Preferred Supplier “Status” for NIT Positions and Places the Largest Number of Its Own Staff in the BMC Domain

Sapienza receives preferred supplier “status” for NIT positions and places the largest number of its own staff in the BMC domain, under the competitive ESA Frame Agreement for Industrial Support to ESA Directorates represented at ESTEC.continue reading

Sapienza Team at UKSEDS 2014

This weekend, 1 & 2 March, the Sapienza Team will exhibit at the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference.continue reading