In the Space sector, a great deal of documentation is created and exchanged amongst the many actors, participating to any given project or mission.

Managing and maintaining a high level of document configuration, status accounting and control over such documentation (and its traffic and exchange) is a challenge that if not properly addressed, can result in severe project issues and security risks and possibly even project failures.

The ECLIPSE Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) module fulfils all the document configuration requirements of a space project. All the integrated functions are tailored specifically

for the space industry’s needs and best practices. Furthermore, it supports the document’s entire lifecycle (i.e. creation, review, approval and distribution).

Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) allows members of a project to create a document, its reference, its applicability and status, according to pre-defined user access rights and security rules. Project Managers are able to create collections from approved documents, which can be then submitted as a data-pack from ECLIPSE Document Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) to the ECLIPSE Review Items of Discrepancy (eRID) module for space project reviews.

DCCM Features

Customisable document metadata in accordance to the needs of a project or mission
Ability to automate the creation of document reference numbers according to specific project or departmental rules
Interfaces with other ECLIPSE software modules (e.g. eRID, AIM)
Ability to bookmark documents for future reference
Ability for any user to perform a cross-project document search
Perform an XML import / export of Technical Data Package File
Extensive reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
Perform fully traceable document reviews and approval cycles
Create actions in association to documents (e.g. Minutes of Meetings)
Document Configuration and Change Management provides folder-based document security access

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