With the vast array of modules and processes now being managed within the ECLIPSE suite and with the given amount of data that is managed on key engineering projects, the ECLIPSE Dashboard Manager (DASH) module is provided to allow users to generate dashboard reports which can be uniquely customised to not only the module but also to the project itself.

Many key engineering or management decisions are made from the analysis of data, and the value of the Dashboard Manager module will mean that managers and engineers can perform their jobs without having to spend valuable time in the manipulation of data from spreadsheets.

The Dashboard Manager is supplied out of the box with default excel DASH board reports for each module providing the key information required based on our experience of working on each process.

However each project is unique in it needs, with minimal configuration users can obtain any of the information available from the ECLIPSE software suite modules displayed with the visual report they desire.

Once the DASH board report has been configured users can then search for their bespoke information and push this data to the report which is generated to the excel dashboard report. As the DASH report is generated in excel this allow for easy manipulation of data that is the live or current information, has the data displayed to the bespoke needs of the project in a clean and visual way and allows the users to interact simply to obtain the information they seek.

DASH Features

Default DASH report for each ECLIPSE module out of the box with main key data
Easily configure DASH report within hours
Accessible on the web from anywhere
Interactive control of your data
Current reporting of live data
The Dashboard Manager (DASH) is simple to use and administrate

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