Action Items tracking is important not only for dealing with technical issues and monitoring the progress of their resolution and closure, but also for commercial and financial reasons. A complete project Action Item List is often a deliverable at key project milestone reviews.

Beyond formal Action Item Lists, organizations may need to keep track of important process decisions and information (e.g. approvals, requests for information, etc.). Action Items Manager (AIM) also deals with these aspects through its integration with other ECLIPSE suite modules.

The ECLIPSE Action Items Manager (AIM) allows the creation, allocation, monitoring and tracking of Action Items and their associated information across small and large project teams alike.

Each Action Item can be allocated to an Actionee and multiple Contributors, who can access and contribute on-line to the Action Item’s progress, completion and closure, in accordance to security permissions. Each Action Item enables all those involved to collaborate via a thread-based discussion which enables additional information to be provided (e.g. video, images or other file attachments).

AIM functions as dashboard, as it monitors and reports on all the workflow actions created by other ECLIPSE software suite modules (DCCM, eRID, EEE, eRISK and eNCTS). Action Items Manager provides its users with a centralised access point to all existing actions within a specific project environment.

AIM Features

Dynamic search and export capability (based on project specific metadata)
Extensive reporting capabilities via customisable reports (DASH)
Multiple response tracking
Action Items Manager allows auditing Action records
Customisable Action Item metadata, based on requirements that are specific to Space Projects
Acquisition and display of actions relevant to documents reviews and approvals from other ECLIPSE software modules

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